Thursday, December 22, 2005

2005 Favorites of an ordinary music listener

These are the list of the songs that I love during this year. I’m no music expert, I don’t exactly know how to analyze a songs’ content and its other attributes. I will not say these songs are the best. I’m no rocker, hip hopper or whatever. Yes, I’m more of a mainstream listener (at some point mushy, baduy, bubblegum pop-ish). I consider a song good when it is pleasant to my ear. And the following songs were the standouts for me this year.

10. Pinoy ako- Orange and Lemons
Okay, I admit this song is overplayed and I know for a fact that it is a rip off and I really don’t buy Orange and Lemons’ alibi that the song is just inspired, but I don’t want to be hypocrite to say that I hate this song because before all these things happened I really like the song. I find it catchy and the message of the song is good but sad to say the aforementioned events happened, much to my disappointment. Still, I wont leave this song out of my list.
9. Gemini-Spongecola
From this song I learned a new word “vacuous”. Hehe. Seriously, I like how this song turned Romeo and Juliet into a whole new level.
8. Wake me up when September ends- Greenday
I like the message of this song. The title itself speaks a lot.
7.We belong together- Mariah Carey
The song that revive Mariah Carey’s dwindling career. I love this song and I consider one of Carey’s best. This song is hard to sing because when I saw this song performed in the local variety shows, the performers’ version was bad. (read: screaming)
6. I’m feeling you- Santana feat. Michelle Branch
I’m bias with this song. I missed Michelle Branch sooooo much and when this song came out it became an instant favorite. Santana + Branch= good music.
5. Especially for you-MYMP
I love MYMP’s rendition. The first time I heard this song was last summer at ERS (the Internet/Computer section of our library). The people in the counter played the MYMP CD repeatedly that this song grew on me.
4. My humps- Black Eyed Peas
My favorite dance track of the year. This is the type of song that makes me wish that I knew how to dance. Plus the music video rocks and Fergie is now included in my list of crushes.
3. Crazy for you- Michael Cruz
I know that more loves the rendition of Spongecola but I like Michael Cruz’s version better. I find his voice more effective than Yael. I like how this Madonna song became a rock ballad. And the Star in a million finalist gave delivered it well. Too bad few people appreciate it.
2. Weak-Jojo
Jojo is really one of the best young singers at the moment. Her rendition of this song is fantastic. I could consider her as a young Mariah Carey. I just hope when she grows up she wont be a “Britney’ or “Christina”.
1. You and Me/ Blind- Lifehouse
I could not choose which song is better so I decided to put them both together on top. I really like Lifehouse, I even had their two albums (in cassette tapes by the way) and I thought their hiatus would be permanent. I’m so glad that around summer they returned with a bang, both songs are good then again “Hanging by a moment” will still remain as my favorite. I’m worried however since after “Blind” Lifehouse did not release another single. Will they be dormant again? I hope not.


Anonymous said...

yuck. pbb theme song sucks. and so is pbb.

Unknown said...

nice choices. you should have gone for chandeliers instead. hehehe...