Sunday, July 03, 2005

Speaking Of....

I have troubles with how I speak. I talk fast to the point that I already eat my words. Ask my classmates ( even teachers) on how will they describe and they will say "Mabilis magsalita" (he talks very fast). I never really realize that I talk really fast not until our Speech and Oral Communication class. We had an oral activity and it was video taped, when the tapes where playing then I realized aside that I look awful on camera (but that is another story) I really talk so fast that even I had a hard time understanding what I said. Aside from that I have a poor diction. This really made me feel bad since I'm also frustrated to be a good speaker. I want to speak in a well modulated voice so that people will clearly hear what I want to say. Oral Communication is really important coz it's direct communciationand this will make or break you, first impressions are also made on how you present yourself orally. I have a theory on why I speak this way, I have asthma and I always feel like gasping for breath when I speak. I applied at La Sallian Speech Club, because I believe I could learn how to speak well through this organization. I really hope that one day I could speak clearly and what I say will not just be heard but listened.


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