Friday, July 29, 2005

The Open Window

Something happened in my Introduction to Communication Theory class. The topic for the day was the Johari Window. The Johari Window is a way of intrapersonal relationship that tackles four windows which tells something about your personality assesment
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The OPEN window tells something that I and everybody else know
The BLIND window tells something that I don't know but another person know
The HIDDEN window tells something that I know but nobody else know
The UNKNOWN window tells something that I and other people don't know
We we're asked to do a presentation about it. It was good since we got to open up something about ourselves but when Joselito who is a irregular student presented his hidden window the mood of the class changed. He opened up how he feels alone and unwanted and then he cried. Our class transformed from a simple lecture to a sharing/advising/counselling session. My classmates gave thier advices,views and some also shared their own experiences. Joselito spoke again and he said that he also feels bad when people (his own father too) suspected him of being gay because of his mannerisms and the fact that he is the only male of three offsprings;her sisters might have influnced her to turn gay. He also said that his classmates mock him about that. That's when I also shared something and gave him advice. I was also been suspected of being gay due to many reasons like I don't do "macho" things. I told Joselito that I know what he feels since I also feel it. I know it's hard when people(friends,family) judge your personality. But don't let them bother you as long as you know within your heart that you are not homosexual do not care what they tell about you. I used to be really bothered when people suspect me of being gay to the point that I try to do those "manly" stuff just to prove them wrong. But I got tired eventually I just thought let them be on what they think of me. I know being a man is not measured on how macho you are or how many girls you dated so why do I let myself be bothered with this? I hope Joselito understand what I was talking about (you know I talk fast). Also another irregular classmate of ours Arvie also spoke his mind. He revealed that he is gay and he was really conscious on what we (my block JOU21) will think about him so that's why he rarely participates in class. He went on saying the experience he had and how he learned from it. I admire him for openingh up to us. Our block really don't mind of him being gay (well some girls find it sayang since they find him cute). We accept him whoever he is because there is nothing wrong with being gay. It was a thought provoking class it was good to know that some people are brave enough to unleash their inner feelings. Some may find what happened mushy but for me it will be one of the memorable classes I ever had.


Anonymous said...

i finally got to read your new post! ^__^
i agree with what you advised to them. ako naman, since i don't have any boyfriends, some assumed I was homo. But I don't care much on what they say. People can be judgmental and we must learn what comments to mind and not.


hi jecoup!!!

just read your post, and am sorry i haven't recently posted comments on your blog.

for everyone's information, i was with this guy when it happened. i was one of them who spoke. i know you probably still remember my words (if not all) i said during our class.

as for josh, arvie, and the rest of the guys who opened up during our class, my highest salutations go to you. and that includes you, jecoup. i'm not flattering. i am serious.

anyway, till the next post! god bless.

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