Saturday, June 04, 2005

Too Good to be True

I never thought that this will happen to my sister. It happened last Sunday on the bus way home my sister met this chinoy guy and they became instant friends he even offered her to take her home but my sister refused but they exchanged numbers. My sister felt that this guy might be the one to heal here broken heart (Her 9 year relationship ended over a year ago and I know she had hard time to move on). My mother was happy since she wants Ate to have a boyfriend so as to forget her ex. The guy started waiting for her at work to take her home and everything seems to be okay. He even gave my sister three red roses last Wednesday.My sister got smitten by this charming guy but I was suspicious I just dont trust the guy. And I was right there is something wrong about him and good thing he showed his true colors early on. It happened last night the guy borrowed the cellphone of my sister's co worker citing that he needs to text someone, the friend trusted him since he is also convince by the guy's charm and it happened..... the guy disappeared in an instant and so as my sister's hope to find new love. I just hope my sister wont lose hope that she could still fall in love...

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