Saturday, August 08, 2020

Just One

 My brother shared to me a story that he went to a mall earlier this week and it was a ghost town. The atmosphere is so sad and while there are stores open, barely any people are inside. The reason he went to a mall because he saw a vlog telling that one shop there is selling top brand rubber shoes heavily discounted. I told him maybe the store is just clearing out the stocks because they will close. He does not know and he didn't even ask when he went to the store. True enough the rubber shoes are on sale. But not surprisingly, he was the only one there. My brother got conscious thinking if the employees were judging why on earth is he buying shoes in the middle of this crisis . Well, I told him I think they were thankful there's a customer and  a sale. I've never been inside a  mall since March 15, the last day of the normal we knew. I admit I miss strolling in one, walking aimlessly sometimes just to kill time. I like malls that are busy, with many people because I feel sad whenever I see empty stores thinking their business will go under soon. Now malls are clinging on to dear life. Definitely something I didn't expect anytime soon. 

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Unknown said...

I can't imagine how they would survive in times like this sa totoo lang.