Wednesday, October 21, 2020


 Jeepney rides from our place to Alabang will finally return tomorrow! Very happy for the drivers after those agonizing months of not being allowed to. Traffic will be a lot more difficult but hey people can finally have their livelihood again. The governor also announced today that malls in the province will no longer require quarantine pass to enter the mall. That's good for the business inside the malls, may they have a fighting chance right now. Today's reported confirmed cases is 1, 509 which the lowest since early September.  That's a good sign but of course nothing to celebrate just yet because tomorrow cases could go back to 3K again but really hoping it's truly a sign of a good downward trend. Life will still not go back to the normal we knew anytime soon but I'm holding on to hope that the worst could be over. Please dear Lord, please let this be the start of something better soon. 

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