Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Please Please Please

 I received financial assistance from the office for my Nanay's hospitalization. Truly grateful for the company as it is a big help too as expenses pile up every day as we wait for her biopsy results and hence the operation schedule. It's hard to think about Nanay's health at the same time the expenses. My father was also busy trying to ask for financial help too and I really feel so bad that he has to do that because none of us 4 kids earned strong enough that this stuff should have not been a problem as we just prioritize Nanay's health and not worry about finances, worried about savings getting wiped out because of a medical emergency. This is truly one of my heartbreaks in this crisis we are experiencing. But anyway as long as Nanay will be safe and healthy in the end, nothing else matters. So please Lord listen to our prayers

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