Thursday, August 05, 2021


 Eve of the return of ECQ in Metro Manila while the status here in Cavite remains in question as there are talks that pushes to be move from GCQ to ECQ. I really hope not because it will add more difficulty especially as my mother is still in the hospital. It's been 2 weeks and Nanay is still in the hospital waiting for the biopsy results before she can proceed to the operation. Good thing is she is in good condition but the waiting for the results is a challenge. She could actually be discharged and come back when the biopsy results are out and to prepare for the operation but that means she'll have to take the COVID19 test again and room availability could be an issue. So we decided to just wait it out at the hospital for her safety especially with the delta threat. But the bills.... We are still managing the best way we can (thanks to those who helped around!) as Nanay's health is the priority. Tough but we are hopeful.

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