Friday, August 06, 2021

Another Day 1

 First day of another ECQ and we basically stayed at home. Nanay was able to talk to Tatay via video chat this time around and they were quite happy about it. Still another day with no biopsy results but hopefully this is worth the wait. Favorable results please!!! Worked from home today and very glad I have a video editor who is so efficient. I can go to office actually but maybe just once a week, I'll observe first how this system work. I don't want so much hassle or stress from checkpoints and all. Day 1s are always messy. There are over 10K cases again today. What's worse pandemic never stops politicking. I'm afraid of next year's election. Please Lord, free the Philippines from this chaos. Let more people please see the light. I'm so worried and sick of everything that's happening. 

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