Saturday, August 07, 2021


 Tokyo Olympics almost over and my country had its best Olympics performance ever with 4 medals (1-2-1) winning the Gold for the first time ever! Came close for a 5th medal at Men's Gymnastics landing 4th and in the top 10 for women's skateboarding and women's golf plus first pole vaulter to make it to the finals. I've followed the Olympics when I was 9 in 1996 when we won a silver in boxing but succeeding Olympics ZERO until 2016 with a surprise silver win in women's weightlifting who eventually gave our first gold this year! We won 3 more medals in boxing which were all so fun to watch. It was just so fun to follow this year because we are so used to losing lol. I hope this isn't just a fluke year and we could do as good if not better in 2024

Dealing withmy nanay's health issue plus with the rising COVID cases here again, my anxiety was on another level but the Olympics gave me a temporary reprieve.

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