Saturday, December 05, 2009

Martial Law in Maguindanao

I woke up today with the news that PGMA declared Martial Law in Maguindanao. To be honest, I got a bit freaked out when I heard the words "Martial Law" even though we are far away from Maguindanao. I never experienced that when Marcos declared it a long time ago. And well growing up I've learned a lot of horror stories during that time (and to be fair I also did learn some positive effects of that but the bad stuff outweighed the good stuff) . In a way, given how chaotic Maguindanao is right now, I think it was right to declare that but well PGMA over her nine years of presidency was always haunted with mistrust and conspiracies. Some say that this is an over kill and that she is planning something that would benefit her in the long run. I hope not. I do really hope so. We don't need that kind of fear as we welcome the holidays and the new year. I hope things will not turn out bad in the end. I pray for that.

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