Monday, December 21, 2009

20 Plus Inc Christmas Party

Last Friday (December 18), Beginnings at Twenty Plus, Inc had its Christmas Party which was held at Villamor Golf and Country Club. I enjoyed it especially the group production numbers haha. Each group was mixed with different members of departments so it was great time to get to know the other people in the office especially for someone like me who is relatively new to the company. Sadly, our group lost but no hard feelings because we had a great time. The picture above is me with my groupmates with one our big bosses Mam Pelita (the lady in the center). The theme of the party was actually Bollywood but I got lazy and just recycled my Chinese costume I had for my foreign dance class in college haha. Anyway, a lot of my officemates had amazing costumes! Anyway, for the exchange gift, I've received a CD (Matchbox Twenty's Exile on Mainstream) which was actually one of my wish list so I'm very glad I got it. I won a David's Salon Gift Certificate which is not bad but I'll be honest I was salivating for the portable DVD player! Well, maybe next year!

Overall, it was a great night. A good first company Christmas party for me. Looking forward to attending more in years to come. :)

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