Wednesday, March 31, 2021


 There was a survey by the municipality that was conducted here in our subdivision today. My mother thought it was for  "ayuda" so she was really excited when she told me to go to our multipurpose area after she was informed by someone from our homeowners association. I didn't think it was the case but I didn't want to burst her bubble. Anyway, the survey was about to ask feedback if our the projects of the mayor's office is effective and my response was that I'm not fully aware of the projects to give an informed opinion. Next, I was asked if I think the National ID project will be difficult to obtained and I said yes and the officer didn't ask me further. To be honest, I think that's really unnecessary since there's UMID already that's really should be the one that covers all government offices so what's the purpose of this really?  Lastly, I was asked if we are willing to get vaccinated and my response was yes but will depend on what brand they will administer especially for my senior parents. I want to make sure the vaccine is a reputable one and also to be honest I just have big reservations of the one brand widely available that they want to us to settle for. I don't know how this survey will turn out but I'm glad my voice (and my family as well) was heard today

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