Friday, June 03, 2022

Pre-13 Thoughts

 Another jam-packed week at work but while it's quite stressful at times but I do really enjoying doing a work that involves media production particularly television. Part of the reason why I've been in the same company for nearly 13 years is because despite the not-so high salary, I do really enjoy the work. It might not what I envisioned myself when I was a teen but this is a job I stumbled upon and manage to learn the special skill needed it for it along the way.  I was able to write for TV and manage a TV channel operation, of course not in the traditional sense but still I felt like this is like the perfect fit for me especially considering my family obligations too. Do I wish I was able to correct some decisions I made in the past? Definitely but while the lessons from past mistakes will always be in me, it's me doing things one day at a time while planning ahead the best way I can. 

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