Thursday, June 16, 2022

Unnecessary Hassle

 I deposited some money in my BPI ATM only account using their deposit machine. I did it before and never had any problem until today where transaction but when I was waiting for my ATM card to come out, the machine crashed leaving ATM stuck there! I panicked a little because I just deposited some money and this has never happened to me! The staff tried to be helpful but she was so not reassuring! She asked for my number so they will contact once the people that takes out the cash on the machine, they will get my ATM back and just text me. But she she said they are not sure if those people will arrive tomorrow! She just wrote my name and contact details on a small sheet of paper and she gave me her number too but I don't know I kept asking how can I feel assured with this because the way she speaks made me wary like she barely cares or quite nervous to handle it too. But then she suggested that I just withdraw the money on my ATM over the counter. Now that was the best help she can do and I did exactly that! I withdraw the money I have on it since it's not really much because this BPI ATM is not my savings account but more of a digital wallet which serves as my backup money in case of any urgent need. I left a little over 100 there on the ATM. I was thinking on my way home why didn't they suggest that I just get another ATM card and they just invalidate the one that got stuck on that cursed machine? Why do I just have to wait for them to text me or I just follow it up? I'll just do that tomorrow and go back to that branch so I just get another ATM card but then the thought of I have to pay a replacement card fee annoys me because it isn't my fault their machine was faulty? Ugh, all I wanted was to keep some of my money and this is what I get.

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