Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Not Quite

 I asked a person in the know and he said to me that like almost all cinemas are still not open despite being allowed  because well basically they have no manpower anymore. And still waiting if they can remain open for good. A lot of cinemas invested in safety protocols back in February in anticipation of a March reopening and we know what happened with that. It really crushed the hearts of many workers. Now a lot of them aiming for November reopening if things can go well but they remain skeptical and that they will be closed again. Hopefully this will work out smoothly soon enough, for people to get their jobs back and restore the way movies are best seen. Safely of course! I heard that local movie distributors are already preparing their titles! Hoping for the best really

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Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure torn din ang mga agencies as far as hiring is concerned as changes are expected every 2 weeks.

Ung kapatid ko was hired 8 months ago, but was only working for a total of 4 months. Sa coffee shop to =(