Wednesday, October 13, 2021


 Work from home today and it was quite hectic because our globe prepaid WIFI is having technical issues so the Internet is slow. Good thing we recently bought a Smart-PLDT prepaid WIFI too for backup so my nephew's online classes was not interrupted. I'm the one using the Globe WIFI and while it was spotty around lunch it eventually got better but still not as fast as it used to be. It has been an issue for 3 days now. I hope this is just temporary thing. Working at home ain't easy because in the middle I do house errands like buying meds and some stuff needed at home. Work load is quite hectic because I have another task on hand which I ain't complaining because it will be added income. Life is so hard so you really gonna make things work. Since we recently had retrenchment news too so I'm just thankful I'm not part of it. But still sad those who will leave in the coming weeks. There are just 7K reported cases today and hopefully start of the downward trend please

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