Friday, October 01, 2021


 Found out that the company will lay off some people to cut costs. Oh well, times are truly hard and I really feel bad to those who will lose their jobs. This is the second time in my 12 years with the company that this happened. The last time though our company was saved from total bankruptcy when we scored a big client - ABS-CBN. While ABS is still our client but given their state as well, the projects we have with them are not as big as before. Yeah that's why I'll forever be mad to those who rooted for their franchise denial. There are rumors that we might move to a new office too although thankfully still in Ayala, Makati. I won't deny I feel worried. I hope we survive this soon enough. 


Unknown said...

Just in case, naghahanap hanap ka ba ibang work?

forg/jecoup said...

Hindi naman, thankfully di ako affected