Sunday, October 31, 2021

Both Sides Now

 I watched the movie CODA today and absolutely love it. Truth be told, it didn't reinvent the coming-of-age drama wheel but it has an interesting POV as it is from a Child of Deaf Adults and they casted legit deaf actors for the role so it was more authentic. The story basically tells on how pursuing one's path but is hard if you don't want to leave your family behind because they badly need you in their lives. Are you selfish for thinking your own personal interest? How the story panned out was admittedly predictable but still it was such well done movie that the ending was earned. The last part were so moving, a scene where the father is feeling her daughter's vocal chords while she is singing absolutely destroyed me! And the final musical moment involves the song Both Sides Now that was so affecting and has now led me to singing the Joni Mitchell song frequently now! The movie is streaming worldwide on Apple TV+  if you wanna check it out!

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