Thursday, June 10, 2021

Out of Comfort

So the routine medical test for my mother had an unexpected hurdle because her clinic is closed and won't re-open until next year due to some unexplained reasons! We were recommended to another branch nearby which was fine but their lab tests services are currently on hold for unexplained reasons again! I don't know what's happening but I'm guessing it because this clinic chain is reconstructing as their old name was dissolved and now carries the name of the bigger health care organization. But it's  hassle because my mother likes going to this clinic as she feels more comfortable and my mother being comfortable is my #1 priority. Anyway, we will do a lab test on another clinic which she is fine with tomorrow but still have her checkup and read of the lab results at the other branch of the clinic she likes. Anyway, like always I pray to God that her lab results will be not alarming. We do this every 3 months but I can't help myself from worrying but of course I hide it from her because that's the last thing she needs. 

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