Monday, June 28, 2021

Long Lasting

This pandemic definitely has changed me a lot, as I really have more worries personally and in the grand scheme of things in my country

I will now forever be worrying about my parents' health now more than anything really.

Worried for my nephew and generally the young students here, online school/module learning just isn't it. The quality of education for the middle and lower class is struggling pre-pandemic what more now?

So many businesses closed, struggled, just getting by. I've been back working at the office for nearly a year now and this business district where our office is located is still so eerily quiet.

The pandemic also has been used by our corrupt politicians, they just got more powerful. The elections are next year I'm worried about what the results will be. I don't trust how the general populace thinks here. I mean despite all the mishandling, once they received cash aids they are all so thankful  and forgetful like we owe it to the politicians because they are so kind and not because this is their responsibility. 

The relationship between the government and the general public here is so emotionally abusive.

More than the health hazards really, I'm just more worried and angrier with our current political climate as a result of the pandemic management. That's gonna stick for a long time I'm afraid.

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