Sunday, June 27, 2021

What It Is

It is looking vaccination here in my hometown will take a lot of time so I decided to register in Makati because they vaccinate non-residents who are working there. I was hesitant before because the brand of vaccine they've been administering is not my preference But upon doing research, I made peace with the possibility of getting this vaccine because it still provides some protection... better than nothing. I hate that I had to lower my pride and likely settle for it but I need to thin of the bigger picture. A lot of my officemates got scheduled for vaccination quickly upon registering so that was an encouragement too. I hope I get scheduled next week. Not gonna lie, still hoping and praying I would land on a vaccine brand  I prefer just like my brother who got vaccinated this week, he was expecting that widely available but less desirable brand but surprised he got the most trusted one! May the odds be in my favor too but if not I'll accept

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