Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 I'm so excited to get vaccinated! But the demand is high right now and I have no schedule yet but a lot of people surrounding me are getting vaccinated so I really hope to get one soon but I really want to get a brand I like!!! But I'm coming to terms that whatever I'll get, I'll accept as long as I get the protection. But please let an ideal brand land on my shoulder once the time comes!!! I've been reading and watching materials relating to COVID19 vaccines to get myself educated. I trust science of course and never really doubted it despite so much skepticism is being spread around. But researching is helping me better understand this and also if I ever be in the situation where I have to explain this to people who are skepticl or worst fear mongering, I have a fact-based statements to say! This one from VOX which explains why side effects are a good thing is so educational and made me understand our immunity system more.

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