Sunday, October 16, 2011

Poetry, Breakup and Music

Last week I was able to catch The Secret In Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos) during the 10th Spanish Film Festival in Greenbelt 3 and today was the last day of the film festival and luckily I was able to catch three more films. None of the 3 films I saw matched The Secret In Their Eyes in quality but nevertheless it was still an interesting. All 3 films revolved about love, one was about a famous poet and the two women in her life (and it's also love for his craft), the other is about a couple still in love but had to separate and the last one is about a passionate love that is hindered by a dream. Here's my "mini-reviews" if the three films I saw:

Lope - Period piece about a legendary Spanish poet. It was good enough although it's not really remarkable overall.

Every Song is About Me (Todas las canciones hablan de mi) - This movie is about a couple who broke up after six years of being together and how the man is dealing with it, the structure is a mess (random voiceovers, weird editing) and the story was really going nowhere however the final scene was terrific and too bad just when it was finally gaining steam tapos na pala. 5 / 10

Chico & Rita - An animated film about chasing dreams and the consequences of it and at the same time it's also a love letter to Cuban jazz music. The story's predictable but the music is just lovely and the animation is slick. This is not for kids as the topic is too mature plus there is a sex scene here. (the old men who were seated near me were giggling during that part ). 8 / 10

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