Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Midweek Musings 17

There are days when you wish things were different.

That your life has taken another route.

That you can take back a previous decision.

But it's not

You just have to deal with it. Coast along. Try not to think about it. Move on.

Just when you thought you were doing a-OK

Something will remind you where you really stand.

It's not horrible if you compare to what other people are facing in their lives

But it still stinks

It's hard but you need to be stron

You want to make a big step

But doing that will affect some areas in your life

And people need you

Even if they don't acknowledge it

They need you to make things work

You know it.

You can't leave them behind.

You're happy to do it because you care

Your life basically revolves around them

Not that it's bad

But there's a void

You know it

But you just accept that maybe it's not meant to be

Sometimes you have to make sacrifice

To let things flow

But there's always an elephant in the room

In spite of it all

You know you're still lucky

Because some people never gets this chance

You're still thankful

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