Sunday, May 08, 2022


 That's why I want to avoid certain areas because I am being given false hopes. If only I could block everything but it isn't possible and live in isolation of everything that gives me nothing but a sinking feeling of defeat. There are moments I feel hopeful but when you are on the ground and you witness firsthand how the others view everything, how nothing that are obviously true have affected their mindset you can't help but feel the dread of the impending doom upon us. I will still do it but can't help but feel that is just a symbolic gesture of clinging on to something hopeful but less likely to happen. I feel so angry with how they have managed to control everything and change the discourse. I'm now preparing myself of what life will be after all of this. I will be silent again, avoiding things, suppressing what I feel. I can't do anything but just feel devastated as everything crumbles.  

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