Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My Silver Year

So today I turn 25 years old. Woah! Funny thing when I was young I thought by the time I reach 25, I'm already married with kids! But now that I'm at this age, I can't imagine myself married haha But a lot of my childhood friends are married already or have kids. Sometimes I still feel that I'm not yet ready to be an adult but well especially this year I've realized that in a way I matured :) Life has thrown me a lot of challenges for the last 3 years but the past year has been especially tough in a lot of aspects. There are times I really want to give up but I go on and continue fighting while I learn things along the way. It's such a tricky period and from time to time I still worry where my life is heading but I have faith. Things will be tough for sure but you face it with your chin up .

25 years. It's a milestone in more ways than one. Thank you Lord for another great year. It's not perfect, it never is, but I treasure every single moment of my life.

Thank you :)

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