Saturday, May 08, 2010

Last Day

Today is the last day of campaign and I am so happy! I'm so tired of seeing the political ads on TV and the very noisy campaign jingles of our local candidates here. But boy, the candidates maximized all the airtime they could get for this last day! I watched TV earlier and I think I saw TEN CONTINUOUS POLITICAL ADS!

Monday, May 10, 2010, is judgment day. Earlier I finalized my voting list and downloaded the sample ballot. Yes, I'm really taking this seriously. I hope more people too. Win or lose, I'm confident with the people I will vote for (well except for the councilors because I admit I barely know the candidates and decided to just evenly distribute my votes to the three parties and the independent candidates). Voting for me is my statement of who I believe will run my town and country well. I don't think if my chosen ones will lose that my votes was wasted. It was my vote, I researched about it and did not just jump the bandwagon. And whoever wins, I will support them and will just disregard my ill feelings if any because the country needs to move forward, we don't need to much negativity anymore. Let's just hope that the people that will win will prove that they do deserve it. God Bless The Philippines!

I am ready to vote.
So please PCOS Machine you better work on Monday!

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