Friday, May 21, 2010

TV Thoughts 1

*I'm glad Sandra won Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains aside that I really like her, her win is also a good slap to delusional Russell. And please the jury this season is not just bitter and Samoa too, they just could not stomach to vote Russell to win mainly because he is a disgusting person in real life. I mean two seasons worth of castaways already proved that. It was unanimous opinion that his personality is just disgusting. Sure he has game play but you can't play a cutthroat game without resorting to be crass person. Look at Parvati she plays the game hard as well but she isn't as hated as Russell. With that said, even though I totally love Sandra I think that Parvati played the better game, she mastered all factors, strategic, physical and social game. I consider her the best player ever of Survivor. But I fully respect Sandra's two-time win. That's a feat!

*On local TV, I like the trailer of the telenovela MOMAY! What a tearjerker I must say. I also like Agua Bendita, it's good family entertainment. I like that the show is not headlined by a big star and it's not pretentious to be something groundbreaking or anything. The story is cliche but it is well casted and the execution is great, the story has focus I hope it stays that way and not suffer the same fate. Plus I like stories adapted from local comics/komiks than adaptations of foreign stories because the Filipino benefit more But I do wish we could see more original stories in the future.

*I love the season finale of ABC Comedy Wednesday sitcoms. The season finale of Cougar Town showed how the change of direction of the show from the initial concept of you know older woman banging younger dudes to an ensemble comedy of this crazy "family". Modern Family's Family Portrait was really good on the last few scenes when the family photograph was being taken. It definitely captured why this show became a critical and commercial hit. But The Middle's season finale was my favorite among the three, it was funny and most of all touching. It captured the unconditional love of a family. When middle child-frequent-loser Sue finally finished the five rounds to make it to the no-cut cross country team, it was really a touching moment. The common denominator of these three sitcoms is that all three shows have a strong cast with great chemistry together that I really enjoy watching every episode. That's what I really look for a sitcom - a great cast - that even if the Justify Fullwriting is not as strong or polish I would still love spending ~30 minutes watching the characters interacting with each other. That's what I felt with old Pinoy sitcoms before(Home Along Da Riles and Okidokidoc comes to mind), even if the jokes felt flat I would still enjoy watching an episode just to see the characters. I really miss a good Pinoy sitcom. They're practically dead these days. Sad.

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