Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bottomline: Elections 2010

I really do not believe that there was a massive cheating as some would say. The Antipolo PCOS machine controversy for me was a simple human error that was blown out of proportion. The so-called Hokus PCOS is I suspect is just a ploy from a bitter/sourgraping loser. While I do not take the right of the people to question the results but seriously they should present concrete evidence first rather than just babbling just to stir up controversy. I personally do not like the results of the national elections but I fully accept that this is the voice of the majority of those who voted. We can't argue with that. Whether they made the right call or not will be judged by history but let's hope for the best. I hope likely President Noynoy Aquino will prove me wrong. I will be so glad to be proven wrong about his capability to lead the country same with the other elected national officials. I admit that it really saddens me that my pick, Richard Gordon, didn't even get half a million votes. He authored the automated elections law by the way. But I'm glad that he conceded gracefully same with the other major presidentiables. Let us move forward and just pray for the best of the country

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