Monday, March 29, 2010

Connect The Dots

I can't believe how so much things happened in my personal life the past five days. It was fast faced really.First things first, I experienced an earthquake scare last week while at work. The intense earthquake only happened for a minute or so but it was really scary especially what happened with Haiti and Chile you can't blame us to feel paranoid. But thank God it was not really worse. It was a reality check from God.
Last weekend started horrible but ended last night on a positive note. Crazy right? It was a roller coaster of emotions seriously. I was silently crying to sleep (dramatic I know but true) on Saturday night. But you know as I welcomed Holy Week with Psalm Sunday things got better actually. I understood some things about my life. Good thing I quickly realized my flaws that's why my weekend crisis was resolved immediately.
And to make matters worst on that "epic" weekend, my Internet at home was down! I guess it was meant to be. Sometimes I resort to the Internet to "escape" from things I have to face. With no Internet last weekend I have to deal with that issue, no escape, and well,fortunately, my issue was resolved. It is really marvelous how some things aligned for us to realize some things we NEED to realize.
Lesson learned :)

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