Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Midweek Musings 2

  • Too bad Inglourious Basterds lost in the Oscars. Although the Best Picture was a long shot, I was hoping it would at least win Original Screenplay. The Hurt Locker was good and Best Director award for Kathryn Bigelow was well deserved in my opinion. (And also for someone who is 58, Kathryn looks fine!)
  • Happy Up! won for Animated Picture and Original Score (the dialogue-less montage in the beginning was already made this film a shoo-in), 3rd straight year for PIXAR bagging that award. This year, Pixar will release Toy Story 3, so excited. I'm a Pixar fanboy :D
  • There are reports that 24 will end this season. Quite sad. I was hoping 24 would get a proper final season, I mean announced final season way ahead and not end like this in the middle of the season. But the ratings are down and that show is expensive to produce, I guess it's time to end it. There are rumors that the show would live on a movie. Let's see
  • I'm really enjoying Life Unexpected, ratings are not good, it's a long shot for renewal sadly :( But I hope I'm proven wrong
  • Truly enjoyed this week's episodes of The Big Bang Theory (Precious!!!) and How I Met Your Mother (bang! bang! bang!). Those shows never fails to entertain me :)
  • TV5's Talentadong Pinoy had its finals last Saturday and kudos to the network because the production for the finals was awesome and even better than PBB Double Up Big Night (mainly because the venue for that one sucked big time). Congratulations to the winner YOYO TRICKER, he was my second favorite next to the TRIBAL DANCERS (their act which was dancing with fire was a spectacular). I read that the finals rated strongly beating ABS CBN and GMA 7, way to go TV5!
  • There was a meeting in the office today which was supposed to fix problems in our department. But I don't think the issues were resolved, sadly. *sighs*

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