Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sneaky Introspection

 So I wanted something light, basic and familiar to watch to drown these sad feelings I've been feeling lately and I watched the 1996 romcom The Mirror Has Two Faces. The movie just came into my radar lately because of a day I went through Oscar trivia about Original Song nominees (this is the movie where FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE came from). Anyway, it's a New York based romcom and I'm sucker for this. It was also nice to see younger Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges do romcom. The movie had the centerpiece of being in a relationship (getting married) because of a personal connection beneath the sexual passion and how sex ruins romantic relationships. It's quite ridiculous on paper but how it actually played out to the story made some quite sense in a way and touches on inner insecurities and longing people do. Of course, it did end up the way you would expect a romcom would do and of course this is what I wanted when I wanted this movie. It made me feel good! Although there was scene with Barbra's character talking to her mother played by Lauren Bacall where the mother said about in hindsight at her age she felt bad when she realized she settled and maybe she could have done something more. She thought she had more time but now she's old and yet inside her she doesn't feel it. Oh yeah that was a gut punch. Funny how I wanted a distraction yet I still ended up making me think about stuff bothering my life lately!

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