Thursday, July 08, 2021


Hectic day at work today because I had to help out with a co-worker's task who is on leave. I think she's preparing for her wedding and she actually invited me but I had to decline attending because well it's in Bulacan so travel will be hard especially in a pandemic. She understood it and I think she invited me out of courtesy which is nice of her. Anyway, back to today's job! I didn't mind helping out but it was quite a challenge managing time as I juggle various tasks! It didn't help me I had technical issues with the other task that I was helping out! But things got resolved before the end of my working day. I just finished some tasks too! I decided to do it tonight at home even if I can do it tomorrow but I have this work adrenaline right now so I continued. Hopefully tomorrow will be a less tight because of doing this advanced work earlier. Despite the little stress I had today, it felt good to be this productive. I have no time in my mind to dwell on my anxieties.  

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