Friday, December 12, 2014


My Internet connection at home sucks. I can’t live on prepaid Internet stick for good. I need better one but I’m afraid to get a postpaid DSL or Broadband thing because the service might suck again and I have to make calls to the CSR and get template replies that does not help at all. I had enough of those already. What’s annoying is that the process of getting customer service for crappy Internet connection just sucks more so getting bill rebates for sucky connection.  All the ISPs available here in our town have all negative feedbacks when it comes to customer service. But I guess I have to find out which is the most tolerable one, gonna be a tough one.

I admit I’m having an off holiday season so far. I just console myself that at least this is not as terrible as it was two years ago. It’s so hard to be a shock absorber. I try my best to stay positive and be encouraging but damn their negativity can really get me at times. What’s worst the feeling of negativity lingers.  Just 1 3 days to go before Christmas I need to get my groove back on.

I don’t like looking myself at the mirror. I used to be okay with my weight but I’m now obese and I’m so embarrassed to say that I ripped a lot of my pants lately trying to squeeze my fat self. I need to lose weight but it’s hard. Food is my comfort especially how tough it has been for the past year. Not an excuse I know. I tried to eat little and deprive myself of some goodies but I failed because I crave easily. I have no aspirations to have abs or what but I really need to lose pounds soon.

One thing about my physical self that I’ll finally admit that's making me sad is my receding hairline. Only 27 and I’m already balding. It’s hereditary but my older brother was unfortunate to suffer through it as early as 18. My hair started thinning last year. I didn’t notice at first because I barely look myself in the mirror. I tried using one of those shampoos that say it can make your hair thick again but alas nothing happened and it’s expensive so I stopped using it anymore. I just resigned myself that hey this is it for my hair unless I get filthy rich soon so I can get Svenson’s treatments haha. So with a 40 waistline and receding hairline, I look older now than my real age. I used to not care about physical appearances and such but it’s different now.

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