Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Well second consecutive day of posting here on my blog. Will this be a trend? Will I be able to get this blog active again? We shall see. Anyway, last night I was confronted with yet another problem which is not exactly my fault but because I care too much, I'm affected. I've been a little traumatized with poor decision making skills that I've witnessed for the last 2 years. I'm burned out to be honest. I never thought I will have this kind of problem because I'm disciplined when it comes finances but because of certain decisions of other people I need to step up and handle stuff I never thought I will deal with. But I guess that's part of growing up.  Still I'm glad I was able to get my act together and try to calm things down. I had a feeling I was being lied to earlier but I didn't point it out anymore because I know s/he was just trying to save face. I just said the best advice I could give. I see no point on whining about things anymore or join the blame game because well it will not accomplish anything. I just hope and pray s/he listened because I did my best to send the message across with no drama.

On other things, the next 2-3 weeks will be hectic at work as we will need to handle one rushed project that needs to be done before Christmas week. It's nerve-wracking but I'm preparing myself now because this is an important project. 

I bet on Lotto earlier. Lucky pick. Yes I went there. I'm that guy now. Trying my luck. The results are now out but I'll just check it tomorrow. Suspense, Yeah as if I'll win anything but who knows right?Even consolation prize will still be helpful with what I'm dealing right now.

Awards season started. Frontrunner Boyhood opens locally tomorrow. Yes I know there's a leaked copy floating online already but well aside from the fact that I have a sucky Internet connection at home, I have this thing that I'll wait til a movie is shown here (especially for the ones I'm interested it with) before resorting to that. I still believe the best way to watch a movie is on a theater. I'm more focused and Boyhood I feel is a movie that's deserving to be seen on  the big screen. It will be in limited theaters though so I hope I can find one convenient to me

Well I guess that's it.  Hope to blog again tomorrow.

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