Monday, December 01, 2014

One Year Later....

Hello there old friend!

Yes it's been a year since I last updated this blog. There's a lot of reasons why I stopped blogging but mostly because Internet at home sucked big time and I was too lazy to update it. Anyway, I haven't followed the charts closely this year but updates are still active at the Philippine Music Charts Facebook which is constanly updated by Chester who continued the chart listings there from Pinoyexchange to the FB which has a loyal following now. But well good news if anybody is still reading is that I will post and collect the year-end charts for 2014 here just like in the past. I will my other year-end lists as well. And I'm thinking reviving this blog for 2015 as well since well next year this blog will turn 10 years old so I don't want that just pass by. I hope I'll be able to maintain that promise :D

Anyway, so was my life for the past year? I've been busy at work. Got promoted (by default because someone resigned). I'm overseeing programming and scheduling on TeleNovela Channel. Sounds fancy eh? Not exactly since the channel is still finding its place on air but I must say we have a loyal audience. It's been 3 years and the channel went through a lot of challenges and we're still here. I hope good things will happen to the channel soon. I love TV and I'm glad I'm able to work on this industry despite the daunting tasks. I've learned a lot. 

As for my side gig, I continue to be movie reviewer and community associate at I love my PEx family both online and offline. I've been a member of this forum for 10 years already and I'm so happy that I'm part of the moderating/admin team for the last 3 years. It's a bonus that I earn income from helping out with the site. Social media has affected forum activity in the last few years but the message board is still alive and kicking as the site continues to evolve. I feel privileged to be part of it. 

As for my family, well I love my nephew a lot. He turned 6 year this year and I can honestly say that he is one of the reasons why despite the challenges we face this year, we're still solid it's because of this little guy. Yes, it has been a challenging year for us in the family, Our five year-old canteen business folded this year and it was a major blow to us, especially financially speaking. Two of my siblings devoted their time there for the last few years and now they have to go back from the start and be an employee. I assisted my sister to find job again and it was not easy especially because she's in her mid 30s already. I won't deny that there are times I feel so frustrated with what happened especially on the financial losses we dealt with. I helped paying some of the debts and it was so tough but as a family we need to support each other. I try my best not to dwell with that anymore because that's life, you win some, you lose some. But I'm very wary with my finances right now. I have savings and I'm so careful with how I spend my money right now. I'm starting to think about my future right now. I don't think I'll be independent anytime soon. I need to help my family although I'm no breadwinner and my parents have their savings as well, I need to help out with the bills and other needs. I'm glad to say we are nowhere near poverty or what but the financial loss we had was still major so we have to be extra careful. But I choose to think positive right now and I'm claiming it, 2015 will be a better year!

What more do I have to say? Ah romance.... well sadly there's nothing new happening in my life on that area. And because I've been so engrossed with work and family, I have no time to think about it that much. But I will not deny that thoughts of me ending up alone in later life scares me. I do want to have my own family. It does not help when I see my friends (especially my childhood friends) get married and start a family. I turned 27 this year, it's still young but you see the time is still ticking. But I know I'm not ready financially and emotionally. I know in my heart I will be a good father and husband but I know marriage and raising a family ain't easy especially at these times. Through helping taking care of my nephew for the last few years I had a taste of parenthood and while it's so rewarding and heartwarming, it's so tough. I just think of the cost of sending a kid to school and it scares me if I can afford it. I have friends who have to work abroad to give their children a better life. I'm still helping out things at home so this is not the time yet for me to have one of my own. I get scared at time what if it's too late? Of course finding the right woman is not easy as well. I gotta be honest, I also have the one "that got away". We're still friends and I still think what if I made the move back then. But then I realized with the things I've gone through we could have broken up eventually because I won't be able to devote enough time to nurture a good relationship. I think she's with someone now based on her social media posts (oh yes I checked her FB profile every now and then, how stalker-ish of me) but I never asked to confirm. Maybe I'm afraid to hear the answer. I just let things be. But one thing is for sure if she invites me to her wedding, i will not attend. I'm not a masochist.

Woah, I've written a lot. Sorry if I have typos or grammar issues. Too lazy to edit haha. Anyway, nice to see you again my dear old Forg Files. Sorry for neglecting you for the last 11 months. I'm back and hopefully I'll be as active as before. 

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