1. Open to all Pexers. Pexers based abroad can join as long as they have someone who can claim their prize at the Pinoyexchange office in Makati City.
  2. One entry per Pexer only.
  3. The 24 categories are divided into three groups with each corresponding point system:

    Group A
    Correct prediction (20 points)
    Wrong prediction (minus 20 points)

    1. Best Picture
    2. Best Director
    3. Best Actress
    4. Best Actor
    5. Best Supporting Actress
    6. Best Supporting Actor
    7. Best Original Screenplay
    8. Best Adapted Screenplay

    Group B
    Correct prediction (20 points)
    Wrong prediction (minus 10 points)

    1. Best Animated Feature
    2. Best Foreign Language Film
    3. Best Documentary
    4. Best Film Editing
    5. Best Original Score
    6. Best Original Song
    7. Best Cinematography
    8. Best Visual Effects

    Group C
    Correct prediction (10 points)
    Wrong prediction (no deduction)

    1. Best Sound Editing
    2. Best Sound Mixing
    3. Best Production Design
    4. Best Makeup and Hairstyling
    5. Best Costume Design
    6. Best Documentary – Short Subject
    7. Best Live Action Short Film
    8. Best Animated Short Film
  4. Participants will guess the winners of 10 categories only, no more no less. It's up to you what categories to predict but bear in mind that each category belongs to a group that have different pointing system. So be careful with your choices
  5. Any entry that is incomplete or will exceed 10 categories is disqualified. Any prediction that will predict more than one winner is also disqualified.
  6. You can only submit once.
  7. Send your entry via PM (private message) to IMTVcontests with the subject Oscar Pool 2013. Please include your contact details in your message.
  8. The entry with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the first one who submitted his/her entry will win
  9. The winner will win an original Blu-Ray disc of [500] Days of Summer and original DVDs of Academy award nominated films Goodfellas (1989) and Quiz Show (1994).
  10. Participants who joined the 2nd Pinoyexchange Guess The Oscar Nominees contest will have a 10 bonus points each while the winner will have 30 bonus points. All participants will receive a Pinoyexchange Oscar Pool 2013 Pin if they don't have yet.
  11. Deadline of submission is on Feb. 23 11:59 pm (Philippine time). The Oscar Awards will be on Feb 24, 8 pm (Feb. 25 in the Philippines)