Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That's Love

Photo by Facebook user Reddie J

Amidst all the crazy political stuff and high profile crime cases dominating the news there's one story that captivated our hearts. When I first read about Lola Aurelia's story I was teary eyed. In a nutshell, she lost her husband Lolo Luis two weeks ago and from that on, every single day since his disappearance she roams the streets of Manila with a printed picture of his missing husband pinned at her dress (front and back) hoping to find her husband or at least someone who have seen her husband. Yes, it is something that feels like it came from a novel or a movie. But it was all real.

Thankfully, a man took a picture of her while looking for her husband and uploaded it on Facebook. Lola Aurelia's plight soon became viral and caught the attention of the media. Her story was just truly captivating and there's something about the elderly (like small kids) that pinches our heart. It was such a strong showcase of love that we can't help but feel for her and wish that she finds her husband soon.

Thankfully yesterday Lolo Luis was finally found. Admittedly, I choked up when I saw the news clip of their reunion. The way Lola Aurelia hugged and kissed her husband was so filled of relief and love. It was truly a wonderful moment to see. That is true love without a doubt.

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