Sunday, July 25, 2010

Showtime Grand Finals Recap

Showtime was one of the pleasant surprised on Philippine TV last year, I never thought I would enjoy that show, initially I though it will be just a cheap morning filler show from ABS CBN but well they proved me wrong as it was very entertaining show that became a trendsetter now. To be honest, I enjoyed watching Showtime more than Pilipinas Got Talent. Anyway, they held the grand finals yesterday and I really enjoyed and I kinda wished they aired it on primetime because the finals was better than the recent finale nights of ABS CBN shows (PBB Double Up and Teen Clash and Pilipinas Got Talent). I like that they started with a prayer and national anthem, it made the event more format and sincere. Then what I applaud is they also recognized the production crew and staff by introducing them and letting them walk on the stage. The "pasikat" performances of the host well is very "showbiz" but I did like Anne's On the Wings of Love number (despite the voice but Anne is so charming she could get away with it) . As for the finalists, this is my over all assessment as I posted on Showtime's thread on

Yung XB Gensan and Boyz Unlimited maganda talaga yung impact nila kasi may passion talaga and very focus sila at engaging panoorin. Although mas sophisticated yung performance ng Philippine Island Assassins but I agree na kung last nag perform ang PIA or BU sila mananalo.

Gusto ko pa din yung performance ng Enlighten Black Theatre dahil maganda yung concept nila and visually appealing lalo na yung Philippine map sa finale. Wala nga lang emotional pull masyado like the monthly finals performance nila. And okay sana kung may lipad stunt sila dun sa bidang lalake nung nilagyan sya nung wings akala ko lilipad sya, kung na-pull off nila yun, they could have won too.

Mortal Combat and The Showgays panalo sa entertainment value. Savannah Kids are really good ballroom dancers, I could see them competing sa dance sport in the future, swabe galaw nila kanina.

Yung sa E-crew I was waiting kung ano relevance nung ice carving and yung drawing sa number nila akala ko kasi gagamitin nila yun sa isang stunt kaya nung natapos na yung number napa "yun na yun?" ako

Kasibulan, Sensei, Beat Guyz and Perlas ng Silangan performances were simply not "pang grand finals" walang impact
My personal favorite was Enlighten Black Theater Group's performance because of the well-thought concept and amazing visuals. How I wish they won but I also like XB Gensan and their performance got me too because it was very engaging to watch so I rooted for them to win in the end, it was a classic underdog story. Here was my personal ranking of the finalists:

  1. XB Gensan
  2. Enlighten Black Theatre
  3. Philippine Island Assassins
  4. Boyz Unlimited
  5. Mortal Combat and The Showgays
  6. Savannah Kids Ballroom Dancers
  7. E Crew
  8. Perlas ng Silangan
  9. Sensei
  10. Kasibulan
  11. Beat Guys
And these were the actual scores

1. XB Gensan 9.875
2. Philippine Islands Assassin 9.7
3. Boyz Unlimited 9.625
4. Enlighten Black Theater Group 9.425
5. Mortal Combat and the Showgays 9.3
6. Savannah Kids 8.775
7. E-Crew 8.575
Perlas ng Silangan 8.575
8. Sensei 8.1
9. Kasibulan 7.375
10. Beat Guyz 7.325

I like the concept of having 40 judges and no text voting this time around.

Overall, it was an entertaining grand finals and hopefully Showtime continues to deliver :)

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