Saturday, July 03, 2010

One Year After

I celebrated my first year anniversary working for Beginnings at Twenty Plus sweating hard because I was a production assistant for another infomercial shoot. And the shooting took place in my hometown, SILANG, CAVITE. The company handles a couple of cable channels and the satellite and other engineering stuff are based here. I never thought one year ago when I applied to become a writer for this company that I will eventually have to work near my house. Well, it's 15-20 minute away from our baranggay but still who would have thought. This is my second work for the company outside my "real" job which is writing scripts for dubbing projects. The first one of course was the shoot for the infomercial of a thermal cooker and this time the infomercial was for an air massager, yeah those products sound unique right? Well, product shoots are hard to do because given the limited budget and manpower we have, we still have to produce an infomercial that will sell the product well. It's complicated and tricky especially the camera shots but I'm really glad to be a part of it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join the second and last day of shooting because I got sick (asthma). To be honest, my minor asthma attack was not because of exhaustion due to the shoot but exposure to people who smoke cigarettes. Oh well, I try to avoid them but you know I understand that for them smoking is a way to release stress. Anyway, earlier on I received a text message from an officemate telling me that the whole department will have a meeting with the president of the company this Monday. It looks like the department is in trouble. Hopefully, things will be settled soon. I can't help but worry about it.

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