Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Top 10 PBB Most Memorable Moments

Pinoy Big Brother is my absolute guilty pleasure. I know this show ain't perfect and some consider this show as "trash" and I wouldn't blame them. But after 5 years and 8 editions, I'm still glued to it despite the show's flaws. I wish I could justify why I like this show but nah I just like watching it, period. And I guess I also love monitoring the public reaction every edition especially the PBB threads at Anyway, let me share to you my Top 10 Most Memorable PBB moments.

1. "Nene, You are the First Big Brother!" - Willie's boo-boo on PBB Season 1's Big Night
But seriously yung pagkahati ng bahay para sa entrance ng Big Winner na si Nene was really unforgettable for me pati na rin yung shocked look ni Jayson pagkakita nyo kung gaano kadami yung tao paglabas nya. It was a good finale for the groundbreaking first season of this show.

2. Wendy got Booed (Season 2)
- Wendy is the best PBB "villain" ever. Even though I was one of the people who disliked her actions on that season and thought that she deserves to get the "boo" in Araneta, I won't deny that her presence made the second season very interesting to watch.

3. Rustom's revelation (Celebrity Edition 1)
- Compelling, metaphoric, and funny courtesy of Keanna's antics. It was like a scene from a TV drama or movie.

4. Bea vs Maricris "(Season 2)
- Very intense confrontation kahit napakababaw ng dahilan ng away (Nel, seriously?). This episode was the reason why Bea won (and she is actually my favorite housemate ever). This moment had my all time favorite PBB quote courtesy of Bea:
"Ang respect, hindi iniimpose, ini-earn yan!"

5. Daddy John vs. Tita Anna (Teen Edition Plus)
- This is the scariest confrontation for me parang magkakasikatan talaga kasi.

6. The first time I saw the housemates danced "Pinoy Ako" (Season 1)
- Right there at that moment I knew that dance will be a pop cultural phenomenon

7. Big Jump win of Melai (Season 3/Double Up)
- I really like this challenge, it was like an immunity challenge in Survivor. Naramdaman mo kung gaano ka pursigido yung mga housemates and maganda yung editing sa primetime airing when Tibo gave up and Melai broke down because she won. PBB: DU was my favorite season because it finally had the reality-competition element that I was looking for the past seasons.

8. Birthday Party of Tricia and Devon (Teen Clash)
- In my opinion, the best "social experiment" that PBB ever did. It was a good situation to analyze. Why did no one attend Tricia's party? Did she deserve that or were her co-housemates are insensitive. I think this was good situation to observe how the teens social circle works.

9. Big Reveal of Votes (Season 3/Double Up)
- It's memorable for me because I never thought PBB would really come to this point na kailangan i-reveal ang actual votes before the Big Night. It was certainly a move from the producers to influence the results. Although I rooted for Melai to win and was happy she won, I was still not okay that they have to reveal who was leading before the Big Night,it ruined the otherwise best edition of PBB for me.

10. Chx and Sam's controversial party scene (Season 1)
- This episode got the ire of MTRCB and PBB was suspended from airing for a night because of this. When I first watched it (through YouTube) I was really intrigued on what will happen as Big Brother in the other parts of the world are known to be racy, and I asked myself will PBB go that far? Of course, they didn't and I'm glad they didn't because I like the fact that our BB version is not about being racy (although PBB goes overboard with the "role model Pinoy" thing that Big Brother sounds preachy and pretentious to me.)

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