Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alakim @ Pilipinas Got Talent Finals

When he first started his grand finals act it was a bit underwhelming but wow the finale with faux-teleportation was just amazing, it was really shocking! He pulled it off! Of course as some said this trick isn't new if you are into magic but the fact that he pulled off a major surprise in the end to the general audience is just simply noteworthy. Some said that magic tricks isn't technically a "talent", I somehow agree but you know someone who has talent could pull off magic tricks like this. With that said, I hope this guy wins tonight and I actually voted for him which I rarely do on TV show contests these days although I think Jovit might win this because he has a large fanbase already but I'm hoping for an upset or at least this guy should be in the Top 3 at least.

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