Thursday, June 24, 2010

Midweek Musings 4

* I really miss blogging but Smart Bro[ken] strikes again! Internet at home has been down for the past week. It's really annoying although I still maintain my calm when I'm calling the call center agents. I don't vent out my frustrations on them because it's not really their fault if the technical service sucks and most of the agents I've been calling are really nice and accommodating. Good thing I could get a rebate on my Internet because of my lack of Internet the past week. I'm thinking of switching to Globe Broaband but I have to hear feedback first from the people near my place who have been using it

* It was another busy week at work and you know what by next week, I will be already be working for one year for Beginnings at Twenty Plus, Inc. Finally, a job that I lasted for a year haha. I must say I landed the right job at the right company at the right time. It's not perfect but the working environment and nature really suits my lifestyle and plans for now. And my job duties are now branching out, after experiencing my first ever production work for the company a couple weeks ago with the production of the infomercial, looks like I will be not just a dubbing writer only this time around as the company will be having several projects that will really need our help. I'm quite excited. First up is the press launch of a new travel show on Living Asia Channel on July 23 where we will be the event organizers. Our manager asked us to come up with the theme for the event and you know what my suggestion was chosen by the client. Although the only I did was suggest a theme and discussed how it would like (our manager did the paperwork and the marketing dep't did the presentation of proposed themes to the client) it felt great when I found out my idea was chosen. After that, other projects on deck are: a reality show for budding photographers,an advertising campaign, and a potential venture on launching a new cable music channel . I hope this will be a great year for me and of course the company. This might be a potential room for career growth. So help me God.

* I watched Toy Story 3 the past weekend and I really had fun. I was worried that Toy Story 3 would be disappointing like Shrek 3 was for me but I'm so glad I was proven wrong. The last part twas very moving. Na miss ko tuloy childhood toys ko

What I like about this film is that it really handed the issue of "death"/"mortality" very well. Sure, it's a child's movie on the surface but the theme makakarelate ang mga adults (like most Pixar films) since we all worry at some point in our lives about the uncertainty of our future. I like that not all toys in the past movies were present sa Toy Story kasi sa tagal ng time span from the second movie to the third movie, mas realistic na may mawalang toy sa kanila.

It's a fitting end to the franchise


Dez Garriel said...

Hi Kuya Jec! Napanood ko na din yung Toy Story 3! Hahah! Hindi nakakabitin. :) Siya nga pala, I was browsing LasalleƱo few days back and read your articles. Natutuwa ako. Miss lang kita.

forg/jecoup said...

Hi Dez! Thanks for visiting my blog. Nakakamiss talaga HF sobra. Good luck with life after school :)

God Bless

Kuya Jec