Sunday, April 04, 2010

Favorite Midseason Shows

Last year I listed my top 5 favorite new TV shows from the U.S. This year US networks launched some shows for midseason and the following shows got my interest.

Life Unexpected (The CW)

- I'm gonna be honest, I was a bit disappointed when this show premiered. The hype was this show feels like an old school WB show (ala Everwood, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven) but well while it has a certain feel, the show's writing is a bit draggy and became repetitive (Baze and Cate will do something to annoy Lux then Lux wants to leave then they to fix things up again) but the recent episodes portrayed some good character drama when the unlikely family went on therapy. I still love the show's setting and the actors have great chemistry and if the show will be lucky to have a second season, I will still be watching.

Parenthood (NBC)

- I admit that my initial interest with the show is because Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame is part of the cast. But I totally love the show. I love family dramas although not the heavy kind so I was pleased to know that this show is not like that. It really focuses on well parenthood. I like the issues each of the Braveman sibling deals with being a parent and also their interaction with one another. I especially like the Adam (Peter Krause) and Sarah (Lauren Graham) scenes, they are good with playing each other off. It was also a nice touch to have one kid with Asperger's syndrome. A problem with the show though is the lack of screen time for the grandparents considering that pilot established that they are the "glue" that holds this one, big family together. I like the warm, fuzzy feeling I feel after watching an episode. Plus point that is a cool opening credits with a theme song (something that is scarce on TV shows these days as networks opt to not have those to save time for more airtime for ads). You could view the opening credits here

Human Target (FOX)

The show is very entertaining especially if you like action films. Well, I'm not really into action films but I guarantee you that the show is like a popcorn box office action film every week. Well- choreographed action stunts and cool special effects. Although, you really need to suspend your disbelief here as the stories are sometimes too contrived just to set up for the cool action sequences. This is my favorite action sequence so far from the show (can't embed it, so click here)

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