Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spotlight: Wavin' Flag

"When I get older
I will be stronger.
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a waving flag
then it goes back " ♫

Wavin Flag by Young Artists for Haiti is still #1 for the 6th straight week on the Canadian Hot 100, it debuted at #1.
I admit that it was only last week when I discovered this song despite it's impressive performance in the Canadian Hot 100 because I only focus these days on the Billboard Hot 100, so it was my loss to fail to notice this song when it first came out. I know that both singles are for charities so it's quite shallow to compare but I can't help but say that I enjoy listening to this song than We Are The World 25, maybe because Wavin Flag is fresh to my ear (although this song is also a revival, Wavin Flag is an original by Knaan) but also the way it was sang was good, the distribution of which artist will sang which was well done. I like Drake's rap part, love the message. I admit though I don't know half of the people singing but at least this track led the way for me to discover them.

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jp said...

I like this! :)