Saturday, April 24, 2010


It all started with that picture and the jejemon mania began. "What is jejemon?"was all over the Internet and even the radio (and most likely TV also). I know about the term "jejemon" about two weeks earlier when PBB Teen Clash edition started. I visited the Pinoyexchange thread for the show and that is where I encountered that word because a lot of the posters there classified the Villa housemates (where the not-so privileged teens are housed in) "jejemons". Yeah, it was derogatory and judgmental but what do you expect from an Internet forum, right?
Anyway,I've been annoyed with this style of typing way before they became infamous with that nickname mainly because I just really don't get the point of typing lYk DiZ. I even blogged about my annoyance two years ago (read it here). I hope that with this new found "fame", people who type like this will realize how annoying that style is and will take the first step to get rid of that habit.

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