Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Top 10 Sites in the Philippines

This list is courtesy of Alexa: The Web Information Company. The last time I check this list around July of this year, Friendster was still #1 site, now three months after the tides have turned and I'm not surprised with the results. I saw this coming. Anyway here is the Top 10 as of writing this entry.

  1. Facebook
  2. Yahoo
  3. Google Philippines
  4. Friendster
  5. YouTube
  6. Google
  7. Blogger
  8. Wikipedia
  9. Multiply
  10. Zynga
Around June this year I knew that over time Facebook will eclipse Friendster as the country's top social networking site and over all website as well. I had my Facebook account on November 2007 but it was more of flash in the pan for me. I enjoyed the games, the superpoke thing, the virtual pet etc but eventually my account was inactive because I have view friends there. This year my account was rejuvenated when my e-mail was suddenly flooded with several friend requests! Then Facebook had a makeover, it had chats, quizzes and more games. Then came Restaurant City, Mafia Wars, Farmville etc I then knew Facebook is going to be so popular. Actually, I didn't play any of those popular applications because it requires full attention haha and when I'm online I surf a lot of websites haha. My feed now is overflowing with updates haha. Well, some are already complaining because the site is becoming "jologs na daw". I just laughed at those comments, I find it snobbish. Although, I do understand that when you have contacts flooding your feed with quizzes, application invites etc but there is an option to not see those updates anyway. One downside of the sudden rise of FB is the site is becoming slow already.

With the rise of Facebook, former popular social networking sites Friendster and Multiply have been abandoned by a lot of their former users, some even deleting their account/s. I for one rarely visits those sites anymore because there's nary a people there anymore so there is few to read but I have no plans of deleting my accounts. What for? They may be inactive but those sites contained a lot of memories from me. I had some heartwarming testimonials on my Friendster and lots of memorable blog entries and photo albums on Multiply. Those sites are good time capsules and who knows maybe those sites could find a way to revitalize their sites and people will again flock to their sites.

Back to the list, technically #3 and #6 is basically the same it is just that when you type Google.com it will automatically go to Google PH. For what is worth, I think if we combine the hits of both sites they would be the #1.

The #10 website is connected to Facebook as it is the home of many popular games on FB. . Close to the top 10 are Twitter at #11 and Wordpress at #12. The top news/media website is Inquirer at #22 followed by GMA News at #28. No surprise there since both came from inq7.com the former popular media website .

My Space is #37, Plurk is #40, LiveJournal at #41 and Tumblr at #73. Tumblr is a rising website, I predict it will reach the top 40 soon. Lastly, my favorite online forum Pinoyexchange is #66.


Wanderful said...

nakakaadik po talaga ang facebook. kada magbubukas ako ng firefox, automatic na facebook ang una kong bubuksan. hahaha. tapos sa office namin pina-block ni boss yung site kapag working hours (lunch break lang pwedeng gamitin. hay.) kasi nagkkaroon na daw ng group of farmers and chefs. hahaha. wala lang. nakakaaliw kasi talaga fb. :P

forg/jecoup said...

Panalo talaga mga features ng FB. Breakthrough year nila dito sa Pinas. :)