Sunday, October 04, 2009


I somehow felt the aftermath of Ondoy. Last week at work was not the usual, many were absent because of the effects of Ondoy and sadly the wife of a co-worker died. Commuting to work is a bit of a breeze because there is light traffic and I noticed that there were a few commuters than usual. I thank God that my family were not affected but I really felt bad for those who experienced the wrath of Ondoy. It was one big wake up call for us here in the Philippines. Another typhoon Pepeng "attacked" the northern part of the Philippines, thankfully it was not as disastrous as Ondoy but there are still people who died sadly.
I became so paranoid of the weather lately. During the week, even if it is only light rains, I feel nervous that it might happened. Thankfully it didn't.
But who knows when it will happen again? I hope we could do something before it's too late


Wanderful said...

nakakapraning na talaga ang ulan ngayon. after ondoy, unti-unti na naming inaakyat ung mga gamit namin sa mataas na lugar. tapos konting ulan lang para na kaming mga sundalo na sasabak sa gyera. haha.

forg/jecoup said...

Naku sa office namin naparanoid talaga kami, pinag halfday kami last Thursday noong umulan ng malakas for 30 minutes hehe