Saturday, February 05, 2005


I have the habit of reading bulletin boards at school and one day In October I have seen this announcement telling that the student council official magazine is on the lookout for writers. I was excited "this is my chance" I said to myself. I had missed an opportunity before,I was supposed to apply for the official school paper of the university, I already got an application but I chickened out. I'm just not that confident that I will be accepted. I thought I have no chance on getting in since I have never been a campus journalist and for sure majority of the applicants had been writers or editors back in high school. I cant compete with them, so I dumped the application form and erased the idea of applying in my mind. But a friend told me that I should have tried coz I may never know. I thought of that and he was right I should have. But I cant turn back time. If only I wasn't so insecure about myself back then. I promised to myself that I will apply next year. Whatever the result will be I will do it.... From that episode of my life I learned a lesson;so that's why when I saw that announcement I did not hesitate to apply and luckily I passed!

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